Friday, February 26, 2010

Gift Tag Love

>> So much for posting once a week! I've been reading many other blogs lately and they inspired me to post on my own blog, which I have sadly neglected for roughly... 3 months now?! Wow, who knew February would feel so short with only 28 days? I'm sure all of the other months make fun of it for being so short, but if it has a good mommy she will tell it that having less days makes it special, and all the other months are just jealous. 

Aaaaanyway, I've been looking through my inspirations pictures {yup, I have a whole folder of them} and saw a few cute ideas for gift tags that I intended to post about in December {oops}. I was going to suggest that you use them for Christmas {or whatever holiday you celebrate} gifts, but they would actually be good for any occasion that you feel obliged to purchase a gift for.

>> Paint Chip Gift Tags <<

I found these incredibly stylish and practical, but that might just be because I always have some paint chips lying around that would be handy to scrawl the recipient's name on with silver Sharpie and tuck underneath the twine. I also love the simplicity of the white boxes and the twine wrapped around them. This method of wrapping keeps you from wasting wrapping paper, and both the boxes and twine can be reused by the recipient {or recycled, if they're not the re-using type}. Using paint chips can add a refreshing splash of color to this otherwise ordinary packaging.

>> Macaroni Bows <<

This idea is great if you are terrible at tying bows. Even if you aren't, they're still cute. All you have to do is take an uncooked bow tie macaroni and wrap the twine around it a few times to secure it before tying a knot. Simple! Actually, these pieces aren't intended to be gift tags {I suppose they could be if you had an extra fine Sharpie and the ability to write small} but they're stylish substitutes for standard ribbons and bows. Again, this idea is environmentally friendly because of the packaging {although I wouldn't recommend cooking and eating the macaroni after it's been used as a bow}.

So there you have it! My first {and last} post in February, and the first post of 2010! *cheers*

>> Over here on the East Coast it's snowing like crazy! I've already had three snow days {two were consecutive, and they turned my four-day President's day weekend into a six day weekend!}, and it's still coming down outside. Despite my love for snow days, I have an extreme dislike for cold weather {I believe I mentioned this before}, which is possibly only exceeded by my hate for shoveling. Whoever invented the snowblower was a genius, but whoever made them so darn expensive is a total [insert expletive here]. I'm ready for some warm weather {but not for the allergies that come with it}. I suppose every season has its positives and negatives, but I'm so excited for the rains of spring, the chirp of birds, the bright colors of sprouting flowers, and most of all the warm weather that comes with spring. I've been poised to break out my shorts and sandals for weeks now, and hopefully my desires for the warm spring will be satisfied soon.

Enjoy the remaining days of winter,


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