Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

>> I've been a terrible blogger lately, but now that I've got a brand new laptop, I hope that I can update more often (right now, I'm projecting about once a week). I'm sure that no one has been bothered by my absence, seeing as I only have one follower (shout-out to Roeshel :]). As I write this, snow is just beginning to fall outside my window ^.^ It's odd that I still find myself excited to see snow falling when I terribly hate the cold, but somehow it brings out my inner child.

Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas (or just the winter holidays in general), I thought I would share a few cute ideas for reusing old ornaments. I find that using the same ornaments on my tree every year is pretty boring, so I like to purchase some new ones just to switch it up. Changing the color scheme makes each year unique, but that can get a little expensive. So for a cheap fix, you can just breathe new life into old ornaments, and keep a few staple colors around to use every year like white, silver, and gold.

>> Idea #1: {Raid the Kitchen}

>> Find inspiration in your cabinets: Tie long lengths of ribbon to cookie cutters and display them above a window seat or in a doorway — or deck out a charming homespun Christmas tree if you have more than a baker's dozen.

Cookie Cutters from Sur la Table,, and Broadway Panhandler.
  >> Idea #2: {Fill With Feathers}

>> Dress up basic clear glass-ball ornaments by filling each with a delicate feather (available at craft shops). For a chandelier-like impact, suspend a cluster from a small hook you install in the ceiling. Or pile them in a large glass bowl as a striking centerpiece.

Glass ornaments from Michaels and Target. Feathers from Sunshine Discount Crafts, Jamali Garden, and Michaels.

>> Idea #3: {Paint it White}

>> Unify a hodgepodge assortment by coating the ornaments with matte white spray paint, which lends the luxurious look of porcelain. Choose simple shapes for the most wow factor. To do: String the ornaments up on a clothesline outdoors, prime them, then apply the paint in light, even coats on all sides. Let dry for 24 hours.

Tree from Lowe's.
Ideas from here.
Happy Holidays!
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