Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Cleaning!

>> Well, a quick post before I hit the sack. In the spirit of cool weather and colorful leaves, I have decided to do some fall cleaning. Rather than cleaning at set times throughout the year, like in the beginning of spring or the end of fall, I usually just do a complete cleaning of my bedroom whenever the inspiration strikes. I've been laying around my house for a few days while I was sick, and decided that I needed to do some cleaning. I always sort and purge my stuff before I begin physically cleaning, so here are some organizational tips that I'd like to share with you:

1. Always start by clearing any items that are lying on the floor first. Either put them in their proper places or recycle them.

2. When sorting and purging, it always helps to have a series of large boxes nearby labeled "donate/sell", "repurpose/reuse/repair", "belongs somewhere else", "trash", and "recycling". If you'd like to keep the item, make sure it is still functional, not broken or stained, and is something that you will actually use or has sentimental value.

3. When cleaning, I always start with my closet. There are often clothes or shoes that are out of style, do not fit well, or I simply do not want in there. This makes it much easier to get rid of stuff, and when I look at how much I accomplished, I feel the inspiration to do more.

4. Next, I tackle all surfaces that are covered with stuff. I have an awful habit of piling clean clothes on top of a hope chest that is in my room, because I'm often to "busy" (read: lazy) to put them in the closet. Again, anything that doesn't fit or I don't like will go in either the trash or the donate/sell box (I only throw out items that are totally unsalvagable).

5. Desks and bedside tables are other places that are often covered with papers, books and other miscellaneous items. It is easiest to sort papers directly into file folders if they need to be kept, or into the recycling box. Consider placing a standing file folder on top of the desk for bills or items that need immediate action so that they are in plain view. Once the action is completed or the bills are paid, file or recycle the papers respectively (don't forget to shred sensitive documents and then recycle the shreddings).

More tips coming soon!


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